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My clients include major, medium-sized and multinational companies from different sectors such as industry, mechanical engineering, IT services, the wholesale and retail trades, as well as further-education institutes.

Here is a selection:

Siemens AG Learning Campus

emtec e.V. – Institut für wissenschaftliche Beratung und Entwicklung in der Medizintechnik

BWI – strategischer Partner für Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik der Bundeswehr

I had the opportunity to work with Sondra Hörz on a number of different occasions: for instance during a telephone training course in which she taught basic business telephone skills in a straightforward and highly accessible way. I also took part in her conflict management seminar which showed me how easy it can be to guide discussions in the right direction and to regain control evenof situations that have got stuck in a rut. Finally, I booked her for a team-building seminar where she impressed me with her structured methods and very empathetic approach. After just one day she left behind her a motivated team with shared values and goals.
Sondra Hörz? Always a pleasure!

– Barbara K., München