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I founded 'People and Leadership Development' over 20 years ago. Since then I have accompanied both large and medium-sized companies, with whom I usually collaborate for several years in a relationship founded on mutual trust. I had previously graduated in occupational, industrial and organizational psychology at Berlin's TU university and gathered several years of professional experience. My internationally oriented work as a personnel and organizational developer at a multinational Swiss corporation provided the ideal basis for my freelance work. Working freelance has also enabled me to balance my family life and my career.

I like to invest in my own training and further education to ensure that I can offer my clients the latest ideas and methods. I already qualified as a trainer while at university and gained my first experience as a freelance coach in addition to my work as a tutor in the university faculty.


  • StrengthscopeMASTER™ Accredited
  • Certified ScrumMaster® (according to SCRUM ALLIANCE®)
  • Certified Business Coach (according to DBVC and dvct)
  • Qualified Mediator (according to BAFM)
  • Licensed MBTI®-Beraterin/Trainerin (Myers-Briggs Typenindikator®)
  • Certified SDI®-Consultant/Coach (Strengths Deployment Inventory®)
  • Accredited TMS® Consultant/Coach (Team Mangement Profile®)
  • Licensed Targeted Selection®-Consultant/Coch (Development Dimensions International®)
  • Communication Consulting (according to Schulz von Thun)
  • Leading and Analysing Teams (Center for Psychodrama, Berlin)
  • Train-the-Trainer (TU Berlin)


  • Member of the BDP (Berufsverband Deutscher Psychologen und Psychologinnen BDP, Association of German Professional Psychologists)
Lutz Aufzüge
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